A credit contract is a consumer credit contract when 

  • it is for individuals and,
  • the motor vehicle is primarily for personal, domestic, or household use.




  • Establishment Fee - $250 is charged for the establishment of a new contract.
  • PPSR Fee - $10.35 is charged for the registration of security interest.
  • Assignment Fee - $250 is charged if BMW agrees you may assign the contract.


  • Dealer Origination Fee - $350 may be charged by the dealer/agent for the purpose for arranging a new consumer contract.
  • Dealer Origination Fee - $500 may be charged by the dealer/agent for the purpose for arranging a new business contract.


  • Dishonoured Payment - $7.50 is charged in the event that a payment tendered is dishonoured by your bank.
  • ITR Fee - $8 is charged when an ITR (Intention to Repossess) letter is issued if your loan account goes into arrears.
  • Warrant to Act fee - $4 is charged when a Warrant to Repossess is issued due to a breach of terms.
  • Post Repossession fee - $35 is charged when a Post Repossession Notice is issued after we have repossessed the Motor Vehicle.


  • Personal Loans / Finance Lease: MINI* - Motor Vehicle
    Current Annual Interest Rate: 11.00%
  • Personal Loans: MINI Owner's Choice - Motor Vehicle
    Current Annual Interest Rate: 11.25%

* Contact your nearest authorised MINI Dealership for details. MINI Financial Services terms, conditions and standard lending criteria apply. Interest rates and fees are subject to change at any time.

Our great range of finance products offers options for both private and approved business customers, from Loan and Finance Lease through to Non Maintained Operating Leases.

The Business Manager at your MINI Garage will be able to advise you on our range of MINI Finance products.



BMW Group Financial Services is committed to providing products and services of the highest standard. If for any reason you feel we have not lived up to your expectations or you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our service, please let us know. Click the link below to download information on how we deal with complaints, our customer complaints process and where to direct any complaints. 

Our Complaints Process


5. Q&A.

Q: What to do if you are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19?
A: If you’re experiencing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (for examples through redundancy, reduced/nil hours), please contact us through as you may be eligible for hardship.

Q: What to do if I change my address?
A: Please contact us so that we can update your information.

Q: What happens if I can’t make my payments?
A: If you fail to meet your payments we may be entitled to repossess and sell the Vehicle described on the front page of your contract. If the Vehicle is repossessed and sold, you will continue to be liable if the proceeds from the sale of the Vehicle are not enough to repay your obligations to BMW. Please contact us as soon as you know that you can’t meet your payments to discuss your options.

Q: Can I repay my loan early?
A: Yes, you can. If you pay the unpaid balance in full before the final payment is due (full prepayment), you may be required to pay a fee or charge to compensate us for any loss arising out of the full prepayment. Please see Disclosure Statement for the formula used.

Q: What to do if you suffer unforeseen Hardship?
A: If you are unable reasonably to keep up your payments or other obligations because of illness, injury, loss of employment, the end of a relationship, or other reasonable cause, you may be able to apply to us for a hardship variation.

To apply for a hardship variation, you need to:

  • (a) make an application in writing; and
  • (b) explain your reason(s) for the application; and
  • (c) request one of the following: 
       (i) an extension of the term of the contract (which will reduce the amount of each payment due under the contract); or
       (ii) a postponement of the dates on which payments are due under the contract (specify the period for which you want this to apply); or
       (iii) both of the above; and
  • (d) send the application to us via email at or contact us at 09 573 2535.

Do this as soon as possible using the ‘Hardship Application’ provided under the Downloads section ( If you leave it for too long, we may not have to consider your application.


MINI Financial Services is a member of the Financial Services Federation - a non-profit organisation representing New Zealand’s responsible, non-bank financial institution.


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